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If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Simplicity is the perfect place to be. It helps you grow your client base while cutting your work time in half, so you can enjoy more freedom and impact.

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The business that you own, whether it be an LLC or corporation, should grow consistently and predictably. If there is no way for this to happen then the income roller coaster will take place with only negative effects on your personal life as well!

The good news is that you can have a successful business without working your whole life away. With a predictable, reliable, and automated system in place, it’s possible to enjoy the lifestyle of owning and expanding your company while still having some balance between work and other aspects such as personal time or family commitments The beauty about this approach mimic what's been done for years by big corporations who know how important their brand image really should be taken care of from start-to-finish

We know that business growth can seem impossible if you feel like there are no breaks or escape routes. However, we have the blueprint for your success! All it takes is following our proven blueprints and roadmaps with ease so all of those hard work will finally pay off in ways one might never imagine possible before now - both mentally and physically

(and everywhere else)!

How Simplicity Can Help Your Business Focus On

Profit and Impact


It can be hard to find people who want the same things as you. But when I connect with other entrepreneurs, it's clear how much we all care about our success and growth! When you can give good energy and take good energy - it creates a synergy that's power!


We're all in this together. When one of us wins, we know that it is not just them- but also their friends and family who have succeeded because they were able to lean on each other for support during those moments when everything seemed lost.


Seeing others grow and succeed is always inspiring. The community of people who encourage one another to keep building their skills can be a powerful force for good in this world, as it has been with me!

Who is Joe Martin?

Joe Martin is not just changing the way people do business, he is revolutionizing how they live their lives. He wants to empower one million businesses, coaches, and consultants with a platform that will help them generate more annual revenue while working less!

Once this is accomplished it's going to be game over for all those who stand against us because together our resulting impact on world economies could create One Trillion Dollars worth of new economic activity which means more jobs, better-paying opportunities, and ultimately A BETTER LIFE FOR EVERYONE!!!

When he was just 24, Joe started his first business helping other entrepreneurs create an online presence. He created websites and workflows that were powerful and delivered massive energy to onlookers and visitors. A look at the history of this company shows us how it all began with one man's passion for building successful brands that work hard every day to provide quality services or products while also making sure customers feel welcome when they walk into any location!

From there Joe founded a successful financial literacy company that helped hundreds maybe thousands understand how the banking systems work. He also taught those same businesses how to obtain working capital so they could grow even more successfully! Joe says no matter how hard you try and stay off everyone's radar when it comes time for exposure nothing can stop your success -as proven by his 40k plus followers on social media!

We know it's hard for businesses to grow profitably and reliably without proven roadmaps. So we've developed a system/software that helps you avoid the pitfalls of other companies while building your business with an ultimate roadmap in place so nothing can stop progress from happening!

Joe Martin & Simplicity Genius is the secret weapon that will help you get to your goals faster and with greater ease. It's a simple solution for anyone who wants more time in their day, or just needs an easier way of doing things when they are overwhelmed by choices. - A BETTER WAY TO BUILD!!!

What I love most about simplicity? The fact it forces me into action without all those pesky details getting between me and my goal!

Online Reputation

Improve your ratings and build your reputation to win more business.


Reach your customers wherever they are.


Fast, easy, secure payments.

The All-In-One Experience Marketing Platform


The All-In-One Experience Marketing Platform - Collect Reviews, Convert Leads, Message Customers, Get Referrals - All In One Place!


A Simple Way Of Building Income

The Simplicity Genius workshop is a place that teaches students how to build online. Learn how to create digital products and merchandise for dropshipping. We help entrepreneurs and business owners how to market their business and their brand. Our students are building powerful platforms that are helping them transition from 9 - 5 employees to full-time business owners. Enroll in our next workshop and start learning!

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Simplicity Genius, a company that provides a system with an all-in-one tool suite for businesses to help them grow, has announced a new affiliate program. The program is designed to help business owners earn a commission while helping others grow their businesses. All you need is a laptop and mobile smartphone to work from anywhere in the world.

With our simple and easy-to-use CRM system, you will be able to manage your clients with ease.

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We're hiring independent contractors, we'll also help you set up your business so that you can start leveraging corporate credit! There's no cap to the amount of money you can earn. Make 5 to 6 figures from the convenience of your home. You can work this opportunity full-time or part-time.